hey! I’m ted.

I am a new resident of Cultus Lake. Well sort of. Its been 14 months now since myself and my wife have moved here. I retired last year and we decided to sell our home and move here, from Sardis. I have fallen in love with the beauty of this community. It seems like I am taking photographs no matter where I go in Cultus Lake.

As a result I thought I would start  a project that I have always wanted to do. That is a coffee table photo book of Cultus Lake. I have just started compiling photos for this book. My plan is to try to do a beautiful hardcover book with at least 50 photos that I hope will take your breath away.

As a result I have put together this photo website with photos of only Cultus Lake. I may include a few photos of Columbia Valley and Linden Beach depending if I decide to include the two communities in the book.

The plan so far is to have a fundraising page put together in the New Year to fund this book. All proceeds and earnings of this book will be donated to the Chilliwack Food Bank

What you will find on this website and in the planned book will be photos highlighting Cultus Lake activities, events and its natural beauty. The photo opportunities are endless.

Hopefully the launch of this book will take place in 2021. The latest news on our situation here in Canada may delay this. This website is being redesigned to accommodate this change

Please feel free to contact me below with any suggestions for this book. All suggestions will be appreciated and looked into.

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