Welcome my name is Ted Sauriol and I am a resident of Cultus Lake who loves photography. Although I have only lived here 2 years now, I would love to describe how Cultus Lake looks in a photography book. As a result I have created a project called THE CULTUS LAKE BOOK PROJECT.

As you can imagine, I am regularly asked a lot of questions, so I have made this special page gathering a selection of them with my answers below.

I hope this helps answer most of your questions. If not please please contact me and I will do my best to answer any questions you may have. I will include all questions that I have not received yet on this page as they are sent to me.

I hope this helps you decide if you would like to participate, donate or include photos for this project.


Who came up with the idea of The Cultus Lake Book Project?

I came up with the idea after numerous walks along the lake shore, the community, the parks, mountains etc. I was in awe of the beautiful landscape that surrounds us. As a result I started looking at various books that have been published over the years. The last one published that I could find was published in 2009. This book is called Cultus Lake BC. ”through my eyes”. My thoughts are that I would attempt to produce a hardcover coffee table book.

How long will it take to do this book?

When I started planning for this the thought of completing this project was the fall of 2019. I was going to fun raise money for the book and profits were going to go to a orphanage in Kenya. With the Corona Virus emergency going on in the world at the moment everything has changed . As a result I am hoping to produce this book for the fall of 2021. ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS PROJECT WILL BE DONATED TO THE CHILLIWACK FOOD BANK. This will totally depend if the fundraising for the book occurs successfully. If I cannot raise the funds to produce the book the book will not get published. ALL MONIES COLLECTED WILL BE DONATED TO THE CHILLIWACK FOOD BANK IF PUBLISHED OR NOT PUBLISHED

How big will the Cultus Lake Book be?

This has not been decided yet. At this point I would love to see a beautiful 50 to 100 page hardcover book in landscape style. All depends on how many photos I photograph and how many people send photos for the book. Another factor will be how much funds I can raise for this project. All profits from the book will go to The Salvation Army Food bank at this stage.

Why am I doing this?

I took up photography about 20 years ago or so. I have always loved landscape photography , especially lakes as I love fishing. To me lake shorelines are so relaxing and beautiful. I love walking them. You can spot me on most evenings walking the lake shore at the lake. Please visit When I moved here a couple years ago I fell in love with the lake shore, the surrounding bays that encompass the lake. I started looking for books that were written on the lake and found a couple . But what I would like to really see is a book that features our lake in a beautiful coffee table style book. Hopefully this will be the end product.

Whats my normal job?

I laughed when I thought of this question. I retired a couple of years ago. I was a retailer for a number of years and just had enough of the public lol. No I love people but it was time. My normal job at this time is to enjoy retirement as much as I can. I love the outdoors, hiking, fishing, boating, snowshoeing. I love planning photography trips to the Cariboo , around 100 Mile House. I spend a lot of time off HWY 24, the fishing Highway . Now if I can just get on our lake. Just bought a small 8 foot boat with a electric motor to fish the south end of the lake. That’s my new job I hope.

Are you also photographing Columbia Valley and Lindell Beach

At first I was not going to but decided to add photos of both these area, especially Lindell Beach. After all the shore line of the lake borders this community. So many people live up Columbia Valley that call Cultus Lake home. The beauty of the valley cannot be excluded from the book. So many old bars, farms and the amazing tree farm up there in the Columbia Valley.

Are you going to photograph community streets, neighborhoods etc?

Yes certainly. The surrounding community around the lake is so beautiful. Its landscaped with beautiful homes, gardens and gorgeous trees. Love the playground at the lake, the old church on the main street, provincial park, the sopping mall are all attractions at the lake. The water slides and amusement park are full during the summer months. All these treasures add to the beauty if this community. The small lane ways in the community add so much excitement to how the community is built. All of this must be photographed. Yes. This is Cultus Lake.

Will we know what you will be photographing and when?

At times yes. Especially if I am photographing a side street. Would love to include the residents in the photographs if I can. At times this could be hard. I would love to photograph events like the bike races, dragon boating and so on. Would be nice to go into the church also. So much to photograph. No photos of residents unless I have their permission .

How can I follow your journey?

It all starts by following this blog. I am in the process of setting up a fundraising page for this project. This will be the best way to follow it. I will send photographs to followers that I am thinking of putting in the book. People who donate will have their name in the book. Photos will be sold directly from the website also. Please go to the fundraising page when completed.

How will the book be funded?

It will be done in different ways such a memberships to the book project that provide photos , access to photographs not going in the book etc. All donors will have their name included in the book, some donors will receive special edition prints depending on the donation, perhaps one a year.

Some donors will have the opportunity of including one of their personal photos in the book. I will be working closely with most business in Cultus Lake to see how the businesses can contribute to this project. Hopefully I can get local historians of Cultus Lake to help.

Will you have a photo exhibition of your photos for this book?

Would love to do this. I have seen this done before and its been a great way to promote the project. What I was thinking of was approaching the Cultus Lake Park Board when I have enough photos to display properly. I thought of doing a photo exhibition somewhere for a while.

Will you have a online shop for prints, framed photos etc?

Yes that will occur in the very near future. I am working this out with a vendor at the moment

More to come

May I copy your work?

No you cannot . I cannot allow that as these photos are not only my photos, but of others who have contributed. If you join as a donor this could be made possible.

All purchases help towards the creation of the Cultus Lake book. As it stands I am the only one allowed to reproduce my work.

If you are viewing my photos online or are purchasing a print please remember that a project like this expensive and takes a lot of work.

If you copy any of my photos it is immoral and illegal. It also takes away funds needed to complete this project.

What type of camera do you use?

At this point I use a simple Cannon DLSR. A Cannon Rebel T5 .

More questions to come as they arrive .

If you would like to ask Ted a question or you have a suggestion on helping with the book , please get in touch:

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